What Billin is

Founded in Madrid in April 2014, Billin is an online tool for the creation, exchange and management of invoices between clients and suppliers. It is a flexible, secure and cloud-based space that can be accessed by over 3 million companies and self-employed professionals in Spain, thus revolutionising a process that is typically very static. Billin integrates and controls the full cycle of the commercial management of invoices, providing the opportunity for its users to always be aware of when an invoice has been received, viewed, accepted or rejected. It was created to be used by SMEs and self-employed professionals, completely free of charge, and a paid version also exists for large businesses offering a custom integration with their ERPs systems.

Billin is the first online tool that allows you to control the creation, sending, receiving, status, storing, interaction and management of invoices from a single space shared by clients and suppliers; furthermore, it also provides unlimited space for storage.

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