Billin for large businesses

A tailor-made solution aimed at improving the productivity of finance departments when managing invoices

Some of the most laborious, demanding and important tasks for the finance or administrative division of any business is the management of sending, receiving, collecting and paying invoices, as well as the development of forecasts or projections for cash flow.

Billin is an invoice management tool that contributes towards improving the productivity of your team, saving time, minimising mistakes and facilitating communication with clients and suppliers.

No changes to your current invoicing or accounting procedures and systems are required. Billin offers you a solution that is 100% complementary and customizable, which can adjust to your needs and fully integrate into your financial tasks cycle.

The banking-standard security that Billin offers, guarantees maximum security and confidentiality for all the data that you enter on the tool.

Billin for businesses is adapted for e-invoicing. .

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