1. Introduction and information on Billin

These general conditions (“Legal Conditions”) establish the warnings, terms and conditions applicable to the use of the technical resources that My Expenses, S.L. makes available to its users (“Users”) under the domain name, www.billin.eu (“Billin”) and the use of any application for mobile devices, or any other devices that are, where appropriate, enabled for use in relation with Billin (“Mobile Applications”). For the purposes of these Legal Conditions, references to Billin shall be understood to refer to the technical resources available under the domain name, www.billin.eu and the Mobile Applications, unless the context suggests otherwise.

My Expenses (My Expenses, S.L.) is a Spanish limited liability company with VAT No. B86985835, and registered in the Company Register of Madrid, volume 32130, folio 60, page 578217, section 8.
The contact details of My Expenses are as follows: Address: Calle del Tomillo, 1  3 A, 28109, Alcobendas (Madrid).Email address: info@billin.eu.

2. Services available in Billin

Billin aims to facilitate the creation of and exchange between Users of invoices corresponding to the provision of services or goods that the User’s (“Supplier”) company has rendered to another company (“Client”) unrelated to Billin. It also aims to facilitate the exchange of information and messages relating to these invoices and make available to Users the Tools to store and manage invoices (e.g. in matters such as maturity dates, acceptance or conducting observations, payment, etc.)
To interact in Billin, each User can create a profile for each company or firm of which he / she is an authorised representative (each one a “Business”). For mere clarification purposes, references to Users shall also refer to the Businesses created by them or on behalf of those acting in Billin, unless indicated otherwise or the context suggests otherwise.

In each computing space dedicated to the communication between two Businesses (“Relationship Area”), one shall adopt the “Client” profile (the one receiving the provision of services or goods) and the other will become the “Supplier” (the one providing the services or goods). The profile adopted by each Business will determine the features and services available to Users of the Business in the Relationship Area.

2.1. Common services to all Users

In Billin, Users will be able to perform the following principal actions:

(i) Register the account of one or more Businesses;

(ii) Assign different roles to Users of each business which will entail the granting of permits for access to information of and action for this Business, depending on the specific role assigned;

(iii) Create, store and/or download invoices;

(iv) Establish communications and share information with other Businesses through the creation of Relationship Areas in which a Business is Client and the other a Supplier, as applicable in each case, provided the Business invited to participate in the Relationship Area consents through its authorised User;

(v) Send and receive instant messages to and from other Businesses with which a Relationship Area has been established in relation to, or not, to a particular invoice.

2.2. Services available to Suppliers

When Users assume the Supplier profile, they will be able to carry out the following principal actions:

(i) Create and/or store invoices in the spaces available for the Supplier.

(ii) Make available the invoices to the Clients relating thereto in the Relationship Area created with that Client so that the Clients can know that they have been stored, and can have access to them.

(iii) View, consult, download and access invoices stored in Billin related to each Client, whether they have been stored by the Supplier or stored by a Client in the shared Relationship Area.

(iv) Know the status, for each Client, of the invoices stored in Relationship Area (received by the Client, viewed by the Client and accepted by the Client, with a comment or rejected by the Client).

2.3. Services available to Clients

When Users assume the Client profile, they may perform the following actions, among others:

(i) Store invoices in the spaces available to the Client (i.e., in addition to what Suppliers can store in the corresponding Relationship Area).

(ii) View, consult, download and access invoices stored in Billin related to each Client, whether they have been stored by the Supplier or stored by a Client in the shared Relationship Area.

(iii) Accept, reject and receive and send comments with the invoices.

(iv) Know the status of the stored invoices, according to the above.

Clients may not, however, change the reception or viewing status of the invoices, which will depend solely on the invoices having been received or viewed by the Client.

The Client declares to be aware that the Supplier may know whether the invoice has been received by the Client, viewed by the Client, accepted or rejected by the Client or commented on by the Client.

2.4. Other considerations about the features

In addition to the services listed in sections 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, My Expenses provide Users with new features, which will be governed by these Legal Conditions and, where appropriate, by the conditions established for each. These features, whose effectiveness will depend on what Billin allows at any moment, may include, among others:

(i) Creation and management of the profile of each User prior to the creation by the latter of one or more Businesses, or, if applicable, to the publication of his / her relationship with those Businesses.

(ii) Creation and management of the profile of each Business for the publication of its history of relationships with other Businesses and Users, or payment deadlines, etc.

(iii) Internally categorise the invoices stored in Billin to which access is permitted (for example, if this function is enabled, the Client or the Supplier may indicate if an invoice has been paid, accounted for, discounted etc.)

(iv) Possibility of inviting non-users to use Billin facilitating their email address to establish Relationship Area with them.

(v) Allow access to Users, through links or through any other channel, to offers made or services provided by other companies and merchants separate and distinct from My Expenses, which shall be valid within the period, territory and conditions indicated and that result from the applied conditions established by the companies and merchants. My Expenses does not provide any of the services offered, nor is it a manufacturer, supplier or distributor of the products offered, nor does it assume responsibility for these. The offers, announcements and features published or made available by these independent companies and merchants will be called the “Contents of Other Companies.”

In any case, the existence and scope of any of the features listed in this Legal Conditions 2 will depend on what tools effectively allow Billin at all times, being the User aware that they are dynamic and that My Expenses does not assume any obligation to ensure minimal functionality without prejudice to any services paid by Users during the corresponding period of use.

3. Position and responsibility of My Expenses in relation to the contents of Billin

In relation to third-party content, including User Content or the Contents of Other Companies, My Expenses shall be limited to being a supplier of intermediation services for storing and the provision of search tools and link to those so that Users under their own responsibility and control, are able to carry out acts that are of interest, such as creating, storing, viewing, the use or management, as appropriate, of data and documentation on Businesses and their relationships with other Businesses (“User Content”) or the Contents of Other Companies.

Users should be aware that My Expenses does not create, control or determine User Content or the Contents of Other Companies, nor does it assume any obligation to supervise them. These contents are created, stored, published, shared and modified by Users or businesses and merchants participating in Billin freely and independently and under its sole responsibility. My Expenses is limited solely to making technical resources available to Users and companies or participating merchants to enable them to carry out the corresponding actions.

Therefore, My Expenses does not assume any responsibility in relation to User Content or Contents of Other Companies. In particular, My Expenses does not confirm or guarantee the identity or veracity of Users or their data, of Businesses created by them or their data or characteristics, relationships between users and the business, or business relationships underpinned by documents, relationships and actions of each User and Business.

Among others, My Expenses does not verify the existence of powers of representation or the adequacy of the existing for a User to act on behalf of a Business, nor the existence or identity of the Business created by a User. Therefore, each User must implement a diligent and prudent use of Billin interacting exclusively with Users and Businesses that, as in the offline world, are worthy of trust. Information about a Billin User or Business (member since, profile information, Relationship Areas with other Businesses and the experiences that are published with the User or Business) may be helpful in this regard, but does not exempt the User from observing due diligence and using their own verification mechanisms.

Also, My Expenses does not guarantee, verify or assume responsibility whatsoever with regard to compliance with tax regulations, including concerning the issue and storage of invoices, which rests solely with the Suppliers, Clients, Users or Businesses.

Nonetheless, Users can and should report any irregularity or offense detected in relation to User Content and / or the identity and / or veracity of Users and Businesses and their connection to My Expenses by way of the system provided for in these Legal Conditions, and solely for the purposes herein provided.

In the case of the Contents of Other Companies, such as offers of products and / or services, their recruitment will be subject to acceptance by the User of the general and / or specific conditions established by the company or respective merchant. My Expenses shall not be held responsible for the provision of service and / or shipping of the product, establishing the direct and exclusive legal relationship between the User and the company or merchant. Therefore, the User shall submit any claim directly to the company or merchant without prejudice to reporting the claim to My Expenses for consideration, where appropriate.

4. Minors


5. Acceptance of the Legal Conditions

The mere use of Billin (even when used as a merchant or entrepreneur under agreement with My Expenses) automatically entails the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of these Legal Conditions by the User as published by My Expenses at all times. Consequently, the User should periodically read the Legal Conditions to be aware of the variations which do not necessarily need to be reported to the Users.

In addition to the Legal Conditions, other general and / or specific conditions agreed to shall be applicable to the Users in relation to the use of certain resources and / or content available in Billin.

All terms and conditions resulting from the Legal Conditions and the various general and specific conditions applicable to each User in relation to Billin shall be called the “Contractual Relationship”.

If there is a contradiction between the general and specific conditions, the specific conditions shall prevail over the stipulated terms in the general conditions.

6. Registration

Registration will be required to use Billin, notwithstanding that there are certain contents accessible by all Internet users.
In general, the data required for registration in Billin shall not be considered personal data according to the Spanish legislation protecting personal data due to their business or professional character or because they relate to legal persons. The creation of Businesses does not require, in general, that the User provide personal data for the same reasons.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, where applicable, the collection and processing of personal data shall be governed by the provisions in this regard in these Legal Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy available in Billin’s Privacy and Cookies Policy.

7. Price of services provided by Billin

The use of Billin is free of charge.

Eventually, Billin may, upon prior notice to the User, establish a cost for using the service, for example, after a given volume of data stored by each Business exceeds the limit specified by Billin for this purpose. To this end, the entire volume of data for a specific Relationship Area will be, where applicable, attributable to each Business participating therein. The prices applicable in the future, if any, will be reviewed annually with the minimum increase resulting from the CPI increase of the previous year period.

Additionally, My Expenses may establish the onerous nature of a specific service or feature when established in the corresponding conditions, which the User, company or merchant must accept.

My Expenses may vary the terms of this Legal Condition. In this sense, the use of Billin may be subject to remuneration, and Billin may vary or revise the remuneration for the provision of services at any time, as well as the terms thereof, informing the Users 30 days prior to the next billing period. The new remuneration and terms shall apply to the billing period beginning after the change has been notified.

8. Responsible use of Billin

The User will use Billin in his / her own name and for his / her own account, under their own and sole responsibility for the administration of invoices of their professional or business activity connected with the services provided to / by other Users.

Apart from the use indicated in the previous section, the User shall not use Billin with profit, promotional or commercial purposes, whether promoting his / her establishment or services, and harming third parties. The lawful promotional or commercial purposes of merchants or entrepreneurs previously and expressly authorised by My Expenses, as well as the publication of Business relationships with others conducted with the permission of the latter are exceptions.

9. Licenses for User Content

9.1. In general, My Expenses does not “use” User Content or Contents in Other Companies. My Expenses merely provides the technical resources for Users to create, store, exchange, make available, use and access those contained in Billin in the manner and within the scope that are applicable to the tools used by Users at all times.

9.2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User should be advised that in certain circumstances and jurisdictions, it may be considered necessary for My Expenses to hold a license to provide such intermediation services (hereinafter the “Use for the Provision of the Service”).

In so far as it is necessary or appropriate to comply with the Contractual Relationship or for the Use for the Provision of the Service, the User authorises My Expenses to use, for everyone and during the entire period of duration, all the intellectual property (including the reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation) and industrial property rights and images, or any other rights relating to User Content provided by the User in any known supports (the “License for the Provision of Service”). The License for the Provision of Services shall include, where necessary or appropriate for such purpose, the power of My Expenses to create and use, with the same scope indicated in this section, derivative works of the User Content.

9.3. Apart from the above, on rare occasions, My Expenses may wish to use, modify, supplement, enrich or develop User Content that is publicly accessible on Billin in order to promote Billin and to set up and present their services within and outside Billin, and in other resources and supports (the “Personal Use”). For purely explanatory purposes, the uses or modifications to User Content automatically resulting from the use by Billin Users (such as, for example, publication User Content effects; their possible locations, final settings or outstanding appearances within Billin depending on the applicable parameters; their use or process, in extract form or not, in other content such as videos or sequences automatically created by Billin, etc.) shall not be considered for “Personal Use” by My Expenses but shall exclusively refer to the results of the use of Billin tools by Users.

The result of the modifications to the User Content as a result of the Personal Use by My Expenses shall be deemed “Official Content”.

Solely to carry out the Personal Use (i.e., for purposes of promoting Billin), the User authorises My Expenses to use, for everyone and during the entire period of duration, all intellectual property (including the reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation) and industrial property rights and images, or any other rights relating to User Content provided by the User in any known supports (the “License for Personal Use” and together with the rest of licenses granted under Legal Condition 9, the “Licenses”). The License for Personal Use shall include the power of My Expenses to create and use, with the same scope indicated in this paragraph, derivative works of the User Content. Under no circumstances shall the License for Personal Use entail the use of documents by My Expenses in a Relationship Area and, in general, access to or the use of confidential documents or contents of a User.

9.4. Also, with the same scope and purpose, the User authorises My Expenses to use the trademarks of their Businesses.

9.5. My Expenses shall be authorised to use, without authorisation by Users, dissociated and statistics information resulting from the use of Billin by all Users or any individual User, and My Expenses shall be authorised to use the information as appropriate.

9.6. The License for the Provision of Services shall end when the User withdraws from the service or specifically requires the withdrawal of specific User Content under his / her property. Additionally, the License for the Provision of Services shall be terminated when a User withdraws any Business created by him / her with respect to the User Content stored in the profile or in the use of services associated with that specific Business. However, the User is aware that User Content shared with other Users will not be automatically deleted unless the other Users accept the deletion or they withdraw from the service as well. In other words, shared User Content in the Relationship Area (such as invoices, comments, communications, invoice statements, etc.) shall be considered property of any of the Businesses forming part of the Relationship Area.

Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, the License for the Provision of Services also includes the power of My Expenses to keep a backup of such User Content after removal from Billin insofar as necessary or convenient to prove compliance with the legal obligations of My Expenses or a User, or to collaborate with public authorities for a maximum period corresponding to the prescription of the legal obligations. Also, the withdrawal of the User or User Content will not affect the rights of My Expenses over User Content used or developed under the License for Personal Use which can be used throughout the legal duration period rights relating to them, always preserving the possibility of revoking the authorisation regarding those personal rights in which the law provides that possibility (such as the reputation rights of the User).

9.7. The User guarantees My Expenses that it holds the rights necessary to grant the licenses, and that the use of intellectual and industrial property rights, reputation or of the corresponding nature in accordance with the provisions of this Legal Condition does not constitute a legal infringement or violation of the rights of any third-party, or a breach of the obligations to third parties, or that they do not constitute unfair competition.

9.8. The User may choose with which Users to share the User Content. For example, User Content stored in a Relationship Area will be shared only with Businesses with which the area has been created as well as with Users of that Business. By contrast, User Content published by Users in other areas of Billin whose access is not restricted or those that are convenient for Users or Businesses to locate each other, etc. shall be generally and by default publicly visible and accessible in Billin by any User and under their responsibility (e.g. Business with which they interact, the User profile or condition of Client or Supplier in this relationship, etc.) Therefore, the User grants a license for the User Content available to other Users with an identical scope as the License for Personal Use for other Users to the extent necessary to use Billin And all this without prejudice to any restrictions that the User can establish through devices that are enabled for this purpose.

9.9. In relation to User Content, Users accept and guarantee the following:

9.9.1. That they are legal holders of such User Content and that, if owned by third parties, they have previously obtained the necessary consent for publication and use according to these Legal Conditions and for the Licenses;

9.9.2. User Content not of their property and for which prior consent for use has not been requested from the owner, are contents that are subject to a Creative Commons license, or similar, which may be used according to these Legal Conditions;

9.9.3. The User Content does not violate the current legislation concerning the right to honour, reputation and / or privacy of third-parties; and,

9.9.4. The User Content does not violate the current legislation concerning the intellectual and industrial property rights of third-parties.

Users agree to check prior to its publication or provision to other Users that the User Content can be lawfully reproduced, published and used in accordance with these Legal Conditions. If there is doubt about the dissemination of such User Content, My Expenses recommends that Billin Users avoid using such User Content.

If there is a breach or risk of a breach, My Expenses reserves the right to take the appropriate actions, which may include the suspension, removal or deletion of the User Content or account, or any other necessary measures.

10. Intellectual Property of My Expenses

The existing intellectual and industrial property rights, or any other existing or possibly existing type in Billin, as well as the resources, databases, components and tools by which Billin operates belong exclusively to My Expenses. These also include the structure and organisation and configuration, without prejudice to the rights of the User over the pertinent User Content, which shall remain under his / her ownership as provided in Legal Condition 9, and any content subject to Creative Commons licenses or to third parties (such as “Contents Other Companies “).

Neither the use of Billin, nor the agreement to the contractual conditions relating thereto, grants license or authorisation to use any of the rights described in the preceding paragraph except to the extent strictly necessary for the use of Billin under the Contractual Relationship. In particular, any form of reproduction, public communication, distribution, modification or any other use of the Content, databases, software or similar belonging to Billin is strictly prohibited, either in part or in whole, without the express and prior authorisation of My Expenses.

11. Obligations of Users

The User agrees to use Billin in accordance with the present legal conditions with full observance and respect of the applicable law and the rights of third parties and assuming the following obligations:

11.1. The User will only create and use a User account and a unique User name which shall be public in Billin, and which shall identify all operational purposes therein. The User account is manageable only with passwords, or any other security resources, available in Billin. The User shall create and maintain the password, or security resources, under strict confidentiality. The provisions of this section shall apply to the accounts of each Business.

11.2. The User will preserve the confidentiality of the passwords and any other elements which could enable the impersonation of his / her identity and, if he / she considers such security threatened, he / she shall promptly notify My Expenses and proceed to immediately update or modify the password or element in order to prevent unauthorised uses of his / her name or User account.

11.3. The User shall omit any data, information or User Content accessible in Billin for purposes other than Billin’s, as provided in the Contractual Relationship.

11.4. The User shall refrain from directing any kind of business offer or proposal to Users without prejudice to the communications relating to the administrative operations of the corresponding invoices, and unless the other User is a company or merchant and provided that he / she has the specific contractual authorisation of My Expenses.

11.5. The User will assume full responsibility for the actions and User Content made from or attributable to his / her name or User account, or Businesses created by him / her, unless My Expenses has received sufficient notice of an issue threatening the confidentiality of his / her password, that the necessary steps to prevent its unauthorised use according to these Legal Conditions have been taken, and that there is clear evidence that such action has not been performed by the User.

11.6. The User will provide My Expenses, as well as all other Users, true, authentic and legitimate data and information.

11.7. The User will not use Billin to undertake activities that are contrary to law, morals or public order. In particular, and without limitation, the user shall refrain from:

11.7.1. Performing actions contrary to legislation on money laundering or terrorism;

11.7.2. Perform any activities that contravene or violate the fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, all international treaties to which Spain has acceded, or other legislation;

11.7.3. Falsify data relating to a Business or User so as to constitute fraud, forgery, embezzlement, etc.;

11.7.4. Simulate business relationships that have not occurred in the suitable traffic to constitute any of the offenses mentioned in the previous section, or other crimes or offenses;

11.7.5. Disclose business or trade secrets or confidential information of other Users provided by way of their relationship in Billin;

11.7.6. Perform any communications constituting illegal, deceptive or unfair acts and, in general, unfair competition or the violation of the right to honour and reputation;

11.8. The User shall omit the use of technical resources or instruments or computer resources that might prevent or hinder the normal functioning of Billin or harm the technical tools and devices integrated into Billin, or other members of My Expenses or Users;

11.9.  The User shall omit the use of any technical or computer tool that allows the automated or substantial extraction of data or content hosted or stored in or accessible through Billin.

12. Exclusion of obligations and guarantees

My Expenses does not assume any contractual obligation with Users other than that resulting from these Legal Conditions, nor does it provide any guarantee to Users. My Expenses declines any responsibility for, among others:

12.1. The correct, continuous or uninterrupted operation of Billin which may be terminated by My Expenses at any time at its discretion and without prejudice to the respect for the contractual commitments specifically undertaken in exchange for a payment. Similarly, My Expenses does not guarantee the compatibility of Billin with the access devices of Users, whether these are computers, browsers, mobile devices or any other type. The User declares to be aware that internet is a medium that is subject to failures and service interruptions;

12.2. The adequacy of Billin to the needs or expectations of Users;

12.3. The level of satisfaction, gain or profit or the absence of losses or damage resulting from the use of Billin by the User or the or adverse or positive equity consequences that a User may experience as a result from the information exchanged in Billin;

12.4. The veracity, accuracy and validity of the data corresponding to the Users, the User Content published or shared by them and, in particular, the business, professional or working relationships of Users and Businesses;

12.6. The solvency and technical, commercial, moral or financial reliability of Users or Businesses;

12.7. The legality, accuracy, veracity, and validity of User Content or the actions of Users and Businesses;

12.8. The accuracy of the information provided by businessmen or merchants regarding products and / or services offered through Billin and the Contents of Other Companies;

12.9. The conclusion, good order or regularity of contracts or agreements reached between Users and Businesses or with companies or merchants participating in Billin;

12.10. Compliance with tax regulations, including concerning the issue and storage of invoices, which shall rest solely with Suppliers, Clients, Users or Businesses without My Expenses in any way guaranteeing that the use of Billin exempts their compliance with these regulations or appropriate for that purpose;

12.11. The proper storage, preservation or non-loss of User Content. In particular, My Expenses does not guarantee:

(i) The preservation or storage of the User Content (such as invoices, comments, communications, invoice statements, etc.) stored in Billin;

(ii) The preservation or storage of the User Content or invoices in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulations (business, accounting, tax or otherwise); or

(iii) The preservation or storage of the User Content for a minimum period or for the period required by the applicable regulations (commercial, accounting, tax or otherwise) for the preservation of supporting documents for billing.
Each User must take the appropriate measures to promptly maintain, preserve and store documentation; or

12.12 The inadequate performance of Users in relation to information which may have been provided by other users, for example but not limited to, in the Relationship Area (including confidential information or trade secrets).

13. Neutral and independent position not related to My Expenses in relation to User Content and relationships between Users. Possible measures.

13.1. My Expenses does not perform, formulate, usurp or control the User Content or Content from Other Companies, which are created, stored, used and / or published by users, companies and merchants under their own responsibility. Therefore, My Expenses is not obligated to monitor such content before or after it is stored in Billin.

13.2. Without prejudice to the above, My Expenses can:

13.2.1. Withdraw, cancel and / or report to the appropriate authorities any User Content or Contents of Other Companies if they are found contrary to the Contractual Relationship, legislation or third-party rights, including copyrights, intellectual and industrial property rights, reputation, privacy and honour or tax legislation. legislation on money laundering or terrorism. The foregoing shall include the authority to disclose the legally protected identification data of Users allegedly responsible for violations of the applicable regulations on personal data protection to the appropriate authorities and third-parties with a legitimate interest.

13.2.2. Suspend or cancel the account, including files and items, of any User who has committed acts contrary to the Contractual Relationship, legislation or third-party rights, including copyrights, intellectual and industrial property rights, reputation, privacy and honour.

13.2.3. Adopt, under its sole discretion and judgment, the measures it deems necessary for the better operation of Billin and for the greater satisfaction of Users, including the establishment of restrictions, barriers or automatic measures to prevent conduct contrary to the Legal Conditions.
My Expenses shall not be required to issue certificates on behalf of Users, Businesses or any third-party regarding any facts or circumstances occurring in Billin or User Content stored therein unless required to do so by the competent authorities or, by the applicable circumstances, as deemed appropriate. Users or Businesses may not claim anything against My Expenses for consequences which may befall them or third-parties resulting from the issuance of such certificates.

14. Notification of offenses

In the event that a User considers that there are facts or circumstances revealing the illegality of the use of Billin by another User, or of User Content or Contents from Other Companies (including a violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, performing acts of unfair competition or unlawful advertising, acts contrary to the right to honour, privacy or reputation or to tax legislation, the legislation on money laundering or terrorism, etc.), the User should send, under his / her responsibility and commitment that the information provided is accurate and truthful, notification to My Expenses containing the following points: (i) personal data to identify and contact the complainant; and (ii) specification of the alleged illegal activity conducted in Billin and, in the case of an alleged violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, precise and concrete information of the infringed rights and facts, and its location in Billin. These notifications must be sent to info@billin.eu, with the following subject: “Report User”.

My Expenses may make available to Users, if deemed appropriate, other mechanisms to perform these notifications.

Once this User Report has been received, My Expenses will conduct with due speed, in response to the circumstances applicable, the appropriate and corresponding actions according to their statutory obligations according to this Contractual Relationship, which may include the suspension or cancellation of the User Contents or the User’s account or any other action necessary, such as the disclosure of the facts to the competent authorities.

My Expenses may maintain or rehabilitate the User Content or the account if the legality of the actions is demonstrated, and penalise, by suspension or termination, of the User Content whose Complaint has been proved false or abusive, or with the suspension or termination of your account or by taking any other appropriate measure.

15. Privacy and Cookies Policy

Notwithstanding that, as provided in Legal Condition 6, generally it would not be necessary for Users to provide personal data in order to use Billin; as an exception, when the proper operation of Billin so requires, Users must provide My Expenses with personal data to access certain resources of Billin (“Personal Data”). Also, the use of Billin may result in the public communication and processing of personal data relating to the use of Billin, including through cookies.

My Expenses will process Personal Data in an automated manner for the purposes of and under the conditions described in its published Privacy and Cookies Policy  and in the subject field.

The data the User provides Billin are included in files registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (hereinafter, “AEPD” [Spanish acronym for “Agencia Española de Protección de Datos”]). The AEPD is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Spanish laws on privacy and data protection and to ensure the security and privacy of your personal data.

16. Duration of Service

The service of Billin is, in principle, indefinite. However, My Expenses is authorised to terminate or suspend the service in whole or in part at any time, subject to compliance with the contractual commitments specifically undertaken in exchange for a payment which, if any, shall determine the implementation of the period of advance notice agreed to or, failing that, a reasonable advance notice (which shall never in any case exceed 30 days).

Except in cases of force majeure, fortuitous events or any other type of emergency, Billin shall notify the termination of service with sufficient notice so that Users can diligently adopt, and at his / her own expense and initiative, the measures necessary to obtain a copy of, or retrieve, the User Content stored by them in Relationship Areas.

Every User may discontinue the use of Billin at any time.

17. Assignment of Contract

The User may not assign the Contractual Relationship in whole or in part, or any of the rights or obligations arising therefrom without the prior express written authorisation of My Expenses.

My Expenses may assign the Contractual Relationship in whole or in part, including all or some of the rights or obligations arising therefrom, to any third-party of their choice without prior authorisation from the User or prior notice thereto, which shall include the possibility of providing the third-party corresponding personal data for the use of those rights, or in compliance with the Contractual Relationship in which that third-party remains subrogated as a result of the assignment.

18. Communications

All communications between the parties shall be in writing, either by mail, fax or e-mail sent, when to My Expenses, to the addresses indicated in Legal Condition 1. When to the User, communications may be sent to the contact information facilitated by him /her, and also by publishing a notice in the form of banner or other, in order to notify of any changes. Communications sent by letter shall be deemed duly delivered and received with acknowledgment of receipt, and those sent by telegram, fax or email when the receipt thereof is evidenced. Any communication sent to addresses provided by Users shall be understood correctly executed, unless the User has previously notified My Expenses of a change of address with a minimum of 15 business days in advance.

19. Amendment of Contractual Relationship

Users are aware that My Expenses may revise these Legal Conditions and the Contractual Relationship at any time without having to inform Users. Users should regularly consult the Legal Conditions to know the applicable version at all times.

20. Miscellaneous

The present Legal Conditions are the express manifestation of the will of the parties in relation to its purpose and supersede verbal and written agreements made in this regard prior to its acceptance by the User.
In the event of a discrepancy between the versions of the Legal Conditions, Privacy and Cookies Policy and any other document in the various languages provided by My Expenses, the Spanish version shall be the prevailing version, whenever legally possible.

The declaration of nullity or invalidity of any clause in these Legal Conditions shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses, which shall be interpreted and applied in the legal sense most similar to that which results from the application of the null clause.
The waiver by either party of the compliance with any provision of these Legal Conditions by the other party shall not constitute a waiver of the right to demand compliance with the remaining provisions of these Legal Conditions, or of any other obligation. The delay or failure of the parties to exercise any of the corresponding rights by virtue of the Legal Conditions does not constitute a waiver of the corresponding right.

21. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Contractual Relationship shall be governed by Spanish law.
Except in cases of mandatory provision which cannot be abrogated, Users, their Business and My Expenses submit to the Courts of the city of Madrid (Spain) in connection with any dispute over the validity, effectiveness, compliance, interpretation, execution or any other performance concerning the Contractual Relationship, thus waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond.

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This Data Protection Policy (“Privacy and Cookies Policy”) is part of the Legal Conditions of Billin, and is owned by My Expenses, S.L.

Any defined term used that is not expressly defined in the Privacy and Cookies Policy shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Legal Conditions.

This Privacy and Cookies Policy governs the collection and treatment of the personal data of users resulting from the user’s access to Billin, and his / her use thereof, by My Expenses.


In any case, My Expenses reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the Privacy and Cookies Policy.


Personal data provided by users through Billin, or those subsequently generated as a result of the relationship of the User with My Expenses, will be processed and, where appropriate, incorporated into files under the care of My Expenses. This personal data may come in various forms, including images and audio.

Unless otherwise indicated in the Billin forms, in which user data is collected, the purpose of collecting and processing the personal data is to:

(i) The management, development and implementation of the Contractual Relationship arising from the acceptance of the Legal Conditions, as well as any other general or specific conditions accepted by the User for his / her use of Billin.

(ii) The provision of Billin’s technical resources for use by the Users in accordance with the Legal Conditions.

(iii) Respond to requests, queries or suggestions, if any, to My Expenses by the User through Billin.

(iv) Compliance with the applicable regulations by My Expenses.

(v) The sending by e-mail of information inherently linked to the use of Billin, as well as changes and updates made by My Expenses. This information may also include information about ratings, reviews, scores, etc. concerning these issues.

(vi) Provided that the legislation to protect personal data allows for it and the User consents to it during the registration process (or later, if necessary), conducting marketing activities (electronically): this it is, My Expenses will inform the User about products / services, offers and competitions conducted by My Expenses and / or third-party partners collaborating with My Expenses, belonging to the consulting and professional services (technical, economists, auditors, financial or tax consultants, lawyers, engineers, etc.), cinema, fashion, home, health and beauty, hospitality, technology, motor, household appliances, books, financial services, insurance, restaurants, news, travel or tourism, culture and leisure, sports, television or music sectors. These marketing activities can be adapted to the user profile or not. If so, My Expenses may use the information provided by the User during the registration process (e.g., information that the User provides about his / her preferences), user data associated with his / her profile within Billin, as well as the information derived their participation in the services available in Billin. The User may object to the marketing activities at any time through info@billin.eu.

The data requested from the User in the forms shall be binding unless otherwise indicated in the corresponding form. In the event that the User does not supply the mandatory information, My Expenses will not be able to process the corresponding form. By entering his / her personal data, the User assures that such information provided to My Expenses is correct, complete and truthful, and that it relates only to the User and not to third-parties.



Users who wish to access and enjoy all the content and features of Billin must first register as a User under Legal Conditions 6.

The registered User is responsible for the safekeeping of his / her username and password, which are personal and not transferable, and will notify My Expenses immediately if he / she suspects the use of his / her username and password by a third-party. He / she can manage and modify his / her profile information at any time in the corresponding section in Billin. Alternatively, the User may contact My Expenses through the following email address: info@billin.eu. My Expenses reserves the right to cancel the registration of the User at any time and for any reason without any indemnity to the User, e.g., if there is reason to believe that the data (e.g., age) provided by a User during registration is not true.


Billin is a service for adults over 18 years of age. IT’S USE BY PERSONS UNDER 18 YEARS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


If the User were to provide third-party data, the User must obtain the prior informed consent of the third party. In particular, it is understood that consent is informed when third parties have been informed by the User and have accepted the Legal Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy. It is the User’s sole responsibility to comply with the indicated duty of disclosure and obtained the prior consent of third parties without My Expenses having to take any further action against such third parties.


My Expenses uses cookies when a User browses through Billin websites. You can find information about these cookies on our Cookies Policy.


To exercise the rights of access, rectification and cancellation of their data, and opposition to the appropriate processes, in accordance with the applicable regulations, the User should write to the email address, info@billin.eu , giving evidence of the applicant’s identity.

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Cookies Policy | Billin

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the computer/Smartphone/tablet of the user to access certain web pages to store and retrieve information from the browsing performed from that system. For more information on cookies,
My Expenses, S.L. (“My Expenses”) invites you to access the following link:


My Expenses uses the following types of cookies in this website:

(i) Control cookies are used for the proper provision of services specifically requested by the user.

(ii) Analytics cookies to monitor and perform a statistical behaviour analysis of all users.

The following table shows the types of cookies used on our website, the data they collect, their purpose and how to disable them:

Inf-DownloadControlAllow the download of the information and user documents onto the local computer and allow the next download performed to only be new documents (otherwise the download requested by the user would slow down)Exclusively already downloaded and unmodified information and documents, and User and Business to which they belong.Depending on browser
(the information collected below has been provided by the third-parties)
Google Analytics (Google Inc.) Terms and Conditions available at here. Privacy Policy available at here and here.AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a web analytics tool that allows site owners to analyse browsing behaviour and improve the website servicesInteractions of users on the website (time of the visit, if the user has previously visited the site, which site recommended the user to visit that particular website, IP address, etc.)Depending on browser and through the Google Analytics opt-out system available here.

(*) The information obtained through these cookies, from the user’s computer, can only be combined with your personal data if you are registered on the site.

(**) DISABLING THE COOKIES. Notwithstanding the specific opt-out systems of third-parties, the user is reminded that he / she may disable the operation of these cookies at any time with his / her browser settings; for example:





My Expenses shall not be held responsible for the content and accuracy of the privacy policies of third-parties contained in this cookies policy.

If you have questions about this cookies policy, contact My Expenses at: info@billin.eu

Date: November 2014

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